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Test your knowledge with 12 challenging questions

Have you always been fascinated by the country and its impressive history? Or do you dream of visiting the beautiful islands and experiencing unique culture and great food? Whatever the case, you can test your knowledge here. In this quiz about Greece we have put together twelve questions covering Greek geography, mythology, history, nature, food and culture.

Medieval map of Greece and Asia Minor. Our quiz about Greece includes a variety of challenging questions

Join us on a journey to discover Greece and see how much you know about the country and its people. Maybe you’ll learn something new and be inspired to travel there again? Or maybe you’re already an expert and want to confirm your knowledge? Whatever the case, this quiz about Greece is a fun educational challenge.

Give it a try and see how much you really know!

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Twelve questions

You will be asked 12 questions. For each question there are three options to choose from, of which only one is correct. Once you have chosen an answer option, the correct answer is displayed. Once you have answered all the questions in the quiz, a summary of your results is presented. You can see how many questions you answered correctly and get an idea of your level of knowledge on different topics about Greece. Feel free to share your results on Facebook or Twitter using the buttons that appear when you finish the quiz.

The quiz about Greece

#1. Who was the famous Greek singer, known for her distinctive voice and for having recorded hundreds of songs in the 20th century, also known as the 'Nightingale of Smyrna'?

#2. Greek winemaking dates back many thousands of years. In recent years, like many other wine-producing countries, Greece has increasingly focused on quality wines. One important district is Nemea. What is the name of the dominant red wine grape in the area?

#3. No one interested in soccer could have missed that Greece won the gold medal in the 2004 European Soccer Championship. What was the name of the celebrated coach?

#4. Athens is Greece's largest city with a population of over 3 million. But how many people were estimated to live in the city around the turn of the last millennium (1900)?

#5. Which god tried to prevent Odysseus from returning home to Ithaca by giving him a series of trials to overcome?

#6. Greek dishes have become famous all over the world. Stuffed tomatoes/peppers (γεμιστά), briam, imam, etc. are familiar dishes to the Greek traveler. But what is the main ingredient in a 'Papoutsakia' - which literally means 'small shoes'?

#7. Nothing was the same in Greece/Minor Asia after the great catastrophe of 1922 when the Turks drove the Greeks out of Asia Minor. Many cities were renamed. Today's Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey. What was the name of the city when it was Greek?

#8. The book Z written by Vassilis Vassilikos is about the murder of a democratic politician (Gregoris Lambrakis) in Greece in 1963. The book was also made into a movie (Z - He lives), but who directed it?

#9. Figures vary but there are about 100 - 150 inhabited islands in the Greek archipelago. Crete is by far the largest by area but which is the second largest?

#10. The Ionian Islands are a large group of islands in the Ionian Sea. Which of the following islands IS NOT part of the Ionian Islands?

#11. On March 25, Greeks celebrate Greek Independence Day, the day they were freed from Turkish occupation, but Greece has another national day, October 28, what do they celebrate?

#12. Which city was the capital of modern Greece (1824-1834)?



Thank you for testing your knowledge in this quiz about Greece with us! We hope you learned something new and had fun at the same time. The country has a rich culture and history worth exploring. We hope the quiz has inspired you to learn even more. Keep following our blog for behind-the-scenes explorations and become a true Greconaut! You can also join the expedition for free via the form on our website.

Remember, there is always more to discover and learn!
Feel free to leave a comment with your result and what you thought of the quiz in the field below.

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