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Join the Greek Expedition on fascinating, digital journeys beyond the ordinary and become a true Greconaut. Explore the country online in unusual ways, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

cover photo for social images with cave
Magical light in a cave at the island of Kefalonia

The expedition’s goal is to offer visitors a unique experience of Greece on the web, where they can discover and learn about the country in an alternative way beyond the predictable.

Our blog is a real goldmine of freely available material. Here you’ll find articles, reports, interviews, portraits, workshops, quizzes, lessons and many exciting surprises. Materials are published on a continuous basis.


Our handpicked posts cover everything under the Greek sun that can interest and inspire you as a lover of this amazing country.

Join us on exciting journeys into the enchanting world of Greek culture, history, music, folklore, traditions, modern era, ancient beauty, food, drink, nature, sights, and fascinating facts.

ship ready to sail Aegean Sea, Greece/Grekland
Join the expedition on exciting digital explorations of Greek culture, language and nature.

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Poetry and literature

Fascinating reading: Sappho, the earliest and most famous Greek woman poet, who sang her songs around 600 BC on the island of Lesbos. A complete collection of all her works that have survived into the present times, including three poems discovered in the last two decades. Preview of the book here >>

A larger selection of Greek poetry can be found here >>

Greek cuisine

Greek Cookbook: Can’t make it to Greece? Just embark on a culinary journey with these mouthwatering recipes. An essential cookbook with 600 recipes uncovering the secrets of Greek cuisine >>

More Greek cookbooks you can find here >>

Healthcare products

Take care of yourself with some of the popular Korres products:

Gel from fresh cut lilies floating in the Aegean sea.

Combines activated aloe extract, wheat proteins and marshmallow root to help maintain the skin’s natural moisture level
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Greek art – ideal gifts

Decorative Greek wood box >>. You can use this wooden box sign to decorate your home, kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, dining room, office, classrooms and more.

Premium Quality – wood box sign made of high-quality wood material, which is beautiful, strong, durable, and not easy to fade. It is ideal for the decoration for different occasions. To the box >>

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