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The Greek Expedition is a multimedia platform offering digital explorations beyond the typical tourist trails and trodden paths. Get to know and experience the country in a different way, free of charge, 24/7.

cover photo for social images with cave
Magical light in a cave at the island of Kefalonia

Dive deep into Greece’s unique history, culture, language, and nature. Sail beyond the predictable to see this multifaceted country through completely new eyes.

Join the Greek Expedition – completely free of charge – and become a true Grekonaut!

Our blog is a real goldmine of freely available material. Here you’ll find articles, reports, interviews, portraits, workshops, quizzes, lessons and many other exciting Greek surprises. Materials are published on a continuous basis.


Our handpicked posts cover everything under the Greek sun that can interest and inspire you as a lover of this amazing country.

Join us on exciting journeys into the enchanting world of Greek culture, history, music, folklore, traditions, modern era, ancient beauty, food, drink, nature, sights, and fascinating facts.

ship ready to sail Aegean Sea, Greece/Grekland
Join the expedition on exciting digital explorations of Greek culture, language and nature.

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