New Year’s greetings for 2024

New Year's greetings - a post card to all Greconauts

As daylight returns and the new year approaches, we welcome you back aboard the Greek Expedition. Let us retreat to the ship’s galley and rekindle our fellowship around the fireplace, reflecting on the journey since we last met.

We are eager to share highlights from the expedition’s recent fates and adventures. The past season holds many a tale worth recounting. So make yourself comfortable, and let us reflect together on the journey so far.

November – December 2023

  • A mini road trip to the Peloponnese in November took unusual and exciting routes. A glimpse of the trip is provided on our social media: Instagram and Facebook. Full coverage is expected in January 2024.
  • The extensive article on the silk town of Soufli, named one of the world’s best tourist destinations by UNWTO, was widely spread and highly appreciated, both in its English and Swedish versions.
  • The opening of the Siden&Soufli exhibition in Stockholm was a success beyond expectations. A taste with photos and video on Facebook.
  • In December, the experienced traveler Ulf Björkman took a nostalgic look back at his first trips to Greece in the late 1970s. The stories capture a wonderful sense of freedom and adventure, in both words and images. English version here >>
  • Last but not least, right at the winter solstice, they emerged: the Kallikatzaroi, the malevolent creatures of Greek Christmas. Read about how you can protect yourself here >>
New Year's greetings - postcard: a sailing boat in crystal clear winter waters

💫 But the new year won’t be long in coming. After this little retrospective, it is now time for the expedition to embark on new discoveries and adventures. Some of the planned ports of call in the near future 👇

⚓ Island hopping in the 1970s, Part 2. We eagerly await the second part of Ulf Björkman’s early trips to Greece. Soon he will discover the island that became his absolute favorite: Amorgos.

Ulf in island of Amorgos, Katapola

The character of Karagiozis, the great favorite of Greek shadow theatre, is about to make his entrance into the stage of Greek Expedition, performed by the popular and well-loved Spyropoulos ensemble. Probably for the first time with English and Swedish subtitles.

Athens – discover the city under the city. Embark on a fascinating journey through Athens’ bustling maze of secretunderground passages, crypts and catacombs, discovering the vaults hidden beneath the commercial streets of the city center.

New Year’s greetings

And so we conclude another newsletter, filled with memories of the past late autumn, as well as a first glimpse of all the exciting things that are on the horizon. We look forward to continue exploring the multifaceted Greece together with our followers in the year to come.

mermaid diving in Aegean Sea, Greece/Grekland

🙏 Before the Expedition once again sets sail and weighs anchor, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your interest and commitment to our work. Sharing Greece’s treasures with a steadily increasing number of curious Greconauts and seeing our community grow each month, gives us great pleasure.

With these words, we wish you an eventful new year filled with joy, great experiences and new discoveries. Our reports from the Greek waters will of course never stop. Soon we will meet again to share new stories from our journeys.

Have a great 2024!  🎉

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